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Thermoforming of Kydex Shrouds

Quality and Performance with Rapid Turnaround

As an example of our advanced thermoforming services, Alpha Plastics currently manufactures 600 thermoformed shrouds annually for a medical industry client. These parts are used within medical equipment applications.

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Thermoforming of Kydex Shrouds

Combining our automated vacuum machinery with 5-axis CNC router capabilities, we produce the shrouds from Kydex® T material, holding ultra-tight tolerances of ± .005".

The components are also painted with a custom color to meet precise customer requirements.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

At first, Alpha Plastics was assigned to thermoform 300 shrouds. We built prototypes of these initial parts to ensure customer satisfaction before production was started. Within 5 to 6 weeks after prototype approval, we were able to build and deliver all 300 units to our client's facility.

Due to our ability to fulfill exact customer specifications for quality and performance in a timely manner, Alpha Plastics has now been contracted by this client to thermoform 600 shrouds per year. Our thermoforming services allow us to efficiently make these components, while meeting precise medical industry requirements.

Product Specifications

Product Description: These thermoformed shrouds are used within a medical equipment application

Capabilities Applied/Processes: Vacuum forming

Trimming: CNC trimmed to customer print specs

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Automated: Vacuum/Pressure forming machine, 5-Axis CNC router

Overall Part Dimensions
Material Thickness: .187"

Right Shroud
Overall Length: 34.734"
Overall Width: 16.578"
Overall Height: 7.710"

Left Shroud
Overall Length: 34.734"
Overall Width: 16.568"
Overall Height: 8.656"
Tightest Tolerances: ±.005" ±.50
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Alpha Plastics has been producing individually designed custom thermoformed parts since 1976.

We specialize in thermoforming a diversified range of products for both industrial and OEM accounts.
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