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Polyethylene Shroud and Cover

Precision Design and Manufacturing

Alpha Plastics was recently contracted to thermoform a polyethylene shroud and cover for the sprayer and pump industry. These components are used within a fluid pump application.

Polyethylene Shroud and Cover

Meeting tolerances as low as +/- .015 of an inch, we employed our automated vacuum/pressure forming machine to make both of these parts.

We also created male and female two-cavity aluminum tools, and CNC trimmed both fluid pump components to meet precise customer print specifications.

Meeting and Exceeding Your Expectations

All fluid pump components were fully inspected during each step of the manufacturing process to ensure the covers and shrouds fulfilled customer expectations for design and quality.

Successfully meeting customer specifications, Alpha Plastics thermoformed 200 sets of these products for our client, delivering all finished parts to our buyer's facility within a 4-5 week turnaround period after prototype approval.

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Product Specifications

Product Description: This shroud and cover is used within a fluid pump application

Capabilities Applied/Processes Vacuum Forming: Create a male two cavity aluminum tool for the shroud, create female two-cavity aluminum tool for the cover, form shroud and cover

Trimming: CNC trimmed to customer print specs

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Automated vacuum/pressure forming machine

Overall Part Dimensions Shroud
Raw Material Thickness: .250"
Overall Length: 15.451"
Overall Height: 3.854"
Overall Width: 9.979"
Main Diameters: ø3.500" and 4.496"

Raw Material Thickness: .125"
Overall Length: 14.160"
Overall Height: .313"
Overall Width: 9.543"
Main Diameter: ø2.500"
Tightest Tolerances: ±.015"

Material Used: HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Material Finish: Haircell/smooth Texture

Color: Black

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Parts inspected 100% during each step of the manufacturing process

Quantity: 200 sets

Industry for Use: Sprayer and pump

Delivery Time: 4-5 weeks after prototype approval

Standards Met: Customer supplied print, 3D CAD drawing

Product Name: Polyethylene Shroud and Cover
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