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Polycarbonate Defrosting Duct

Precision Prototyping and Manufacturing

Alpha Plastics, in conjunction with an aerospace client, undertook a vacuum thermoforming process to create this defrosting duct for a personal aircraft. Our manufacturing and shipping agreement with this customer is a prime example of our ability to partner with a supplier to provide the maximum efficiency in both inventory and production.

Polycarbonate Defrosting Duct Prototyping

Working from a .093" Lexan F6000 polycarbonate base, we formed 3 separate pieces in our automated vacuum/pressure forming machine, which we then trimmed with our 5-axis CNC router. Our assembly engineers bonded the three pieces together using Plexus adhesive and attached fastening clip-on nuts used to integrate the duct into an under-dash HVAC system.

Manufacturing Expertise

After receiving an initial 60-piece delivery, our customer placed a blanket Kanban order, which we currently fill on a weekly basis. With our expertise in this system, we never overproduce parts, and our customer never has excess stock on hand. For more information on how Alpha Plastics can work to your special needs, please contact us today. 

Product Specifications

Product Description: Duct work for A/C and heat under dash on personal aircraft

Capabilities Applied/Processes Vacuum Forming: Formed in 3 pieces

Trimming: CNC trimmed to customer print specs

Assembly: Apply Plexus adhesive and bond together, attach fastening clip-on-nuts

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Automated vacuum/pressure forming machine, 5-axis CNC router

Overall Part Dimensions
Raw Material Thickness: .093"
O.D.: ø1.95"
Overall Length: 8.90"
Overall Height: 6.20"
Overall Width: 4.58"
Rectangular End: 2.50"x1.5"
Tightest Tolerances: ±.030"

Material Used: Lexan F6000 polycarbonate

Material Finish: Haircell texture

Color: Black

In Process Testing/Inspection Performed: Per customer and FAR requirements, parts inspected 100% during each step of the manufacturing process

Quantity: 60 pieces initial order, blanket order for Kanban releases

Industry for Use: Aerospace

Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks after prototype approval, currently on weekly Kanban releases

Standards Met: Customer supplied print, 3D CAD drawing

Product Name: Heating and A/C Duct
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