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Polycarbonate Access Door

Top-notch Thermoforming Services

Alpha Plastics was contracted by an electrical equipment provider to thermoform 200 access doors, which are used to cover electrical generator components. To begin this project, we vacuum formed a male, two-cavity aluminum tool, meeting precision tolerances with our automated vacuum machine. We also built tooling fixtures to customer specifications, which are now used for hand-trimming operations.

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Polycarbonate Access Door Fabrication

Our advanced thermoforming technology allowed us to fabricate clear polycarbonate material with minimal visual imperfections. As a value-added service, we also performed screen printing, adding all wording to the top of each access door.

Rapid and Efficient Manufacturing

In order to ensure that our access doors satisfied customer specifications, we provided the client with prototypes of all initial designs before manufacturing. In addition, we inspected the parts completely before they left our facility.

Our thermoforming operations are so efficient; we were able to get all completed units out the door just 4 weeks after prototype approval. Meeting the design and high-performance expectations of our client, we now produce 2,000 access doors annually.

Product Specifications

Product Description: This access door is used to cover electrical generator components

Capabilities Applied/Processes Vacuum Forming: Create a male two cavity aluminum tool, thermoform clear polycarbonate with minimal visual imperfections

Trimming: Create tooling fixtures for hand trimming. Trimmed to customer print specifications

Value Added Processes: Screen printing

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part: Automated vacuum/pressure forming machine

Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: .177"

Overall Length: 358.75mm

Overall Width: 132mm

Tightest Tolerances: +.2mm/-.1mm

True Position of: ø.8mm

Material Used: Polycarbonate

Material Finish: Smooth Texture

Color: Clear

In process testing/inspection performed: Parts inspected 100% during each step of the manufacturing process

Quantity: 200

Initial Order: 2,000 EAU

Industry for Use: Electrical equipment, industrial equipment

Delivery Time: 4 weeks after prototype approval

Standards Met: Customer supplied print, 3D CAD Drawing

Product Name: Polycarbonate Access Door
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